September 8 – 10, 2017 | Lan Syndicate

Lan Syndicate will be Kansas City’s biggest lan party. This event opens Friday September 8th and continues on the following hours: Friday from 11am-3am, Saturday from 11am-3am, from 11am-4pm.

This event is for ages 15 and over. Under 18 must be approved by LAN Syndicate staff. Must be 21 or older to drink. Parent or guardian must accompany minors.

What to expect

  • Hundreds of PC Gamers
  • Case Mods
  • Contests & Give-aways
  • Several Tech Personalities (whom you may know from YouTube or the video game industry)
  • Tournaments
  • Good Beer (For those over 21)
  • Interesting Presentations
  • Epic Food Trucks
  • Shenanigans

What to bring

  • Your PC and One Monitor
  • Your Friends (Tickets Required)
  • Games (please pre-download games you might want to play as to not saturate the network)
  • Your Camera
  • Flair and Flags/Banners are Permitted at Your Table
  • Some Loot For The Food Trucks & Beer Vendors
  • 20 ft CAT5/6 ethernet cable

Where to Stay

  • List coming soon

We are working on getting more deals soon, check back.


First time Lyft users can get $50 credit by using LANLYFT code at set up


Union Station, Kansas City.


  • No outside alcohol. This rule is beyond our control. We will have great beer.
  • No sleeping in the event (we are inquiring about extra space or camping space).
  • Sexism, racism, or hate speech will not be tolerated.
  • Hygine is important. You can smell bad at home. If you do not tame your BO, it will affect others. You will be asked to shower and use deodorant.
  • Viewing of pornographic material is not permitted at the lan party (go back to your hotel room).
  • Belligerence or aggressive drunkenness is not permitted. Logan will knock you out. You must sign a waver stating that Logan can knock you out if you become drunk and unmanageable.
  • Weapons are not permitted into the lan party.
  • Do not touch anything that is not your own. Thieves will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.